A Phase 1/2 Study to Evaluate MEDI4736

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1 Antagonist antibodies to PD-1 and B7-H1 (PD-L1) in the treatment of advanced human cancer. Clin Cancer Res 2013 3.48
2 Human cancer immunotherapy with antibodies to the PD-1 and PD-L1 pathway. Trends Mol Med 2014 1.59
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10 Combining immunotherapy with oncogene-targeted therapy: a new road for melanoma treatment. Front Immunol 2015 1.04
11 Small Cell Lung Cancer: Can Recent Advances in Biology and Molecular Biology Be Translated into Improved Outcomes? J Thorac Oncol 2016 1.03
12 New immunotherapies targeting the PD-1 pathway. Trends Pharmacol Sci 2015 1.02
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14 Small cell lung cancer: will recent progress lead to improved outcomes? Clin Cancer Res 2015 0.94
15 The emerging role of immunotherapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC): anti-tumor immunity and clinical applications. Ann Transl Med 2016 0.93
16 From bench to bedside a comprehensive review of pancreatic cancer immunotherapy. J Immunother Cancer 2016 0.90
17 Concurrent irradiation with the anti-programmed cell death ligand-1 immune checkpoint blocker durvalumab: Single centre subset analysis from a phase 1/2 trial. Eur J Cancer 2016 0.90
18 Immunotherapy for advanced gastric and esophageal cancer: preclinical rationale and ongoing clinical investigations. J Gastrointest Oncol 2015 0.89
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20 Development of a programmed cell death ligand-1 immunohistochemical assay validated for analysis of non-small cell lung cancer and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Diagn Pathol 2016 0.84
21 The tumor microenvironment in esophageal cancer. Oncogene 2016 0.83
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23 Clinical Development of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors. Biomed Res Int 2015 0.82
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31 Cellular and molecular biology of small cell lung cancer: an overview. Transl Lung Cancer Res 2016 0.79
32 Emerging therapeutic targets in metastatic progression: A focus on breast cancer. Pharmacol Ther 2016 0.79
33 Shedding light on the molecular determinants of response to anti-PD-1 therapy. Transl Lung Cancer Res 2015 0.79
34 Immune Checkpoint Modulation in Colorectal Cancer: What's New and What to Expect. J Immunol Res 2015 0.78
35 Challenges and future perspectives of T cell immunotherapy in cancer. Immunol Lett 2015 0.78
36 Immune checkpoint blockade therapy for bladder cancer treatment. Investig Clin Urol 2016 0.78
37 Antagonizing programmed death-1 and programmed death ligand-1 as a therapeutic approach for gastric cancer. Therap Adv Gastroenterol 2016 0.78
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44 Clinical Trials Corner. Bladder Cancer 2016 0.75
45 Immune checkpoint inhibitors: the new frontier in non-small-cell lung cancer treatment. Onco Targets Ther 2016 0.75
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