Lack of association of the angiotensinogen-6 polymorphism with blood pressure levels in the comprehensive NHLBI Family Blood Pressure Program. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

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Published in J Hypertens on July 01, 2000


M A Province1, E Boerwinkle, A Chakravarti, R Cooper, M Fornage, M Leppert, N Risch, K Ranade

Author Affiliations

1: Division of Biostatistics, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, Missouri 63110, USA.

Associated clinical trials:

Family Blood Pressure Program - GenNet Network | NCT00005268

Family Blood Pressure Program - HyperGEN | NCT00005267

Family Blood Pressure Program - GENOA | NCT00005269

Family Blood Pressure Program - SAPPHIRe Network | NCT00005270

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