Peter Sehr

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1 The structural basis for cap binding by influenza virus polymerase subunit PB2. Nat Struct Mol Biol 2008 4.33
2 Multiplex human papillomavirus serology based on in situ-purified glutathione s-transferase fusion proteins. Clin Chem 2005 4.18
3 Suppression of non-specific binding in serological Luminex assays. J Immunol Methods 2005 2.96
4 Human papillomavirus infection and incidence of squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas of the skin. J Natl Cancer Inst 2006 2.40
5 Residues in the HIV-1 capsid assembly inhibitor binding site are essential for maintaining the assembly-competent quaternary structure of the capsid protein. J Biol Chem 2008 1.61
6 Immunological responses in women with human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV-16)-associated anogenital intraepithelial neoplasia induced by heterologous prime-boost HPV-16 oncogene vaccination. Clin Cancer Res 2004 1.51
7 Seroprevalence of 34 human papillomavirus types in the German general population. PLoS Pathog 2008 1.44
8 Recognition of 2'-O-methylated 3'-end of piRNA by the PAZ domain of a Piwi protein. Structure 2011 1.37
9 Reactivity pattern of 92 monoclonal antibodies with 15 human papillomavirus types. J Gen Virol 2008 1.35
10 Immunological and clinical responses in women with vulval intraepithelial neoplasia vaccinated with a vaccinia virus encoding human papillomavirus 16/18 oncoproteins. Cancer Res 2003 1.24
11 Human papillomavirus type 16 L1 capsomeres induce L1-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes and tumor regression in C57BL/6 mice. J Virol 2003 1.12
12 Dendritic cell-based tumor vaccine for cervical cancer II: results of a clinical pilot study in 15 individual patients. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 2003 1.10
13 Development of AAVLP(HPV16/31L2) particles as broadly protective HPV vaccine candidate. PLoS One 2012 1.08
14 Absence of SV40 antibodies or DNA fragments in prediagnostic mesothelioma serum samples. Int J Cancer 2007 1.07
15 The N-terminal region of the human papillomavirus L2 protein contains overlapping binding sites for neutralizing, cross-neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibodies. Virology 2010 1.04
16 Presence of DNA of human papillomavirus 16 but no other types in tumor-free tonsillar tissue. J Clin Microbiol 2005 0.97
17 Antibody responses to 26 skin human papillomavirus types in the Netherlands, Italy and Australia. J Gen Virol 2009 0.97
18 Tumor suppressive activity of a variant isoform of manganese superoxide dismutase released by a human liposarcoma cell line. Int J Cancer 2006 0.93
19 New 7-methylguanine derivatives targeting the influenza polymerase PB2 cap-binding domain. J Med Chem 2013 0.89
20 Interaction of the Rho-ADP-ribosylating C3 exoenzyme with RalA. J Biol Chem 2002 0.87
21 Human papillomavirus type 16 E2- and L1-specific serological and T-cell responses in women with vulval intraepithelial neoplasia. J Gen Virol 2003 0.86
22 Comparison of the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of Cervarix and Gardasil human papillomavirus vaccines in HIV-infected adults: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial. J Infect Dis 2013 0.85
23 Structural basis for targeting the chromatin repressor Sfmbt to Polycomb response elements. Genes Dev 2013 0.85
24 A novel peptide motif binding to and blocking the intracellular activity of the human papillomavirus E6 oncoprotein. J Mol Med (Berl) 2008 0.83
25 Modification of HPV 16 E7 genes: correlation between the level of protein expression and CTL response after immunization of C57BL/6 mice. Vaccine 2005 0.83
26 Automated high-throughput RNAi screening in human cells combined with reporter mRNA transfection to identify novel regulators of translation. PLoS One 2012 0.79
27 A virosomal immunization strategy against cervical cancer and pre-malignant cervical disease. Antivir Ther 2006 0.79
28 Antibodies against Gag are diagnostic markers for feline foamy virus infections while Env and Bet reactivity is undetectable in a substantial fraction of infected cats. Virology 2005 0.76