The relation of childhood BMI to adult adiposity: the Bogalusa Heart Study.

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Published in Pediatrics on January 01, 2005


David S Freedman1, Laura Kettel Khan, Mary K Serdula, William H Dietz, Sathanur R Srinivasan, Gerald S Berenson

Author Affiliations

1: Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC Mailstop K-26, 4770 Buford Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30341-3717, USA.

Associated clinical trials:

Bogalusa Heart Study | NCT00005129

Healthy Start to Increase Physical Activity and Improve Healthy Eating in Early Childcare Centres | NCT02375490

The Health Effects of a Blueberry Enriched Diet on Obese Children (Wild Blueberry) | NCT01809795

Kid STRIDE: Exploring Participation in a Family-based Intervention | NCT00682422

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