A closer look at water-related geologic activity on Mars.

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Published in Science on September 21, 2007


A S McEwen1, C J Hansen, W A Delamere, E M Eliason, K E Herkenhoff, L Keszthelyi, V C Gulick, R L Kirk, M T Mellon, J A Grant, N Thomas, C M Weitz, S W Squyres, N T Bridges, S L Murchie, F Seelos, K Seelos, C H Okubo, M P Milazzo, L L Tornabene, W L Jaeger, S Byrne, P S Russell, J L Griffes, S Martínez-Alonso, A Davatzes, F C Chuang, B J Thomson, K E Fishbaugh, C M Dundas, K J Kolb, M E Banks, J J Wray

Author Affiliations

1: Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, USA. mcewen@lpl.arizona.edu

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