Effect of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness strategy on childhood mortality and nutrition in a rural area in Bangladesh: a cluster randomised trial.

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Published in Lancet on August 01, 2009


Shams E Arifeen1, D M Emdadul Hoque, Tasnima Akter, Muntasirur Rahman, Mohammad Enamul Hoque, Khadija Begum, Enayet K Chowdhury, Rasheda Khan, Lauren S Blum, Shakil Ahmed, M Altaf Hossain, Ashraf Siddik, Nazma Begum, Qazi Sadeq-ur Rahman, Twaha M Haque, Sk Masum Billah, Mainul Islam, Reza Ali Rumi, Erin Law, Z A Motin Al-Helal, Abdullah H Baqui, Joanna Schellenberg, Taghreed Adam, Lawrence H Moulton, Jean-Pierre Habicht, Robert W Scherpbier, Cesar G Victora, Jennifer Bryce, Robert E Black

Author Affiliations

1: International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B), Dhaka, Bangladesh. shams@icddrb.org

Associated clinical trials:

Assessing the Feasibility and Effectiveness of Introducing Pulse Oximetry in IMCI Services | NCT03750747

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