Banff '09 meeting report: antibody mediated graft deterioration and implementation of Banff working groups.

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Published in Am J Transplant on January 29, 2010


B Sis1, M Mengel, M Haas, R B Colvin, P F Halloran, L C Racusen, K Solez, W M Baldwin, E R Bracamonte, V Broecker, F Cosio, A J Demetris, C Drachenberg, G Einecke, J Gloor, D Glotz, E Kraus, C Legendre, H Liapis, R B Mannon, B J Nankivell, V Nickeleit, J C Papadimitriou, P Randhawa, H Regele, K Renaudin, E R Rodriguez, D Seron, S Seshan, M Suthanthiran, B A Wasowska, A Zachary, A Zeevi

Author Affiliations

1: Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Associated clinical trials:

Bortezomib in Late Antibody-mediated Kidney Transplant Rejection (BORTEJECT) | NCT01873157

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