Maternal mortality for 181 countries, 1980-2008: a systematic analysis of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 5.

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Published in Lancet on April 09, 2010


Margaret C Hogan1, Kyle J Foreman, Mohsen Naghavi, Stephanie Y Ahn, Mengru Wang, Susanna M Makela, Alan D Lopez, Rafael Lozano, Christopher J L Murray

Author Affiliations

1: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98121, USA.

Associated clinical trials:

HIV Testing at Family Planning Clinics in Mombasa County, Kenya | NCT02994355

Increasing Women's Access to Skilled Pregnancy Care to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Nigeria | NCT02643953

Impact Evaluation of Maternity Homes Access in Zambia (MAHMAZ) | NCT02620436

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