Live attenuated malaria vaccine designed to protect through hepatic CD8⁺ T cell immunity.

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Published in Science on September 08, 2011


J E Epstein1, K Tewari, K E Lyke, B K L Sim, P F Billingsley, M B Laurens, A Gunasekera, S Chakravarty, E R James, M Sedegah, A Richman, S Velmurugan, S Reyes, M Li, K Tucker, A Ahumada, A J Ruben, T Li, R Stafford, A G Eappen, C Tamminga, J W Bennett, C F Ockenhouse, J R Murphy, J Komisar, N Thomas, M Loyevsky, A Birkett, C V Plowe, C Loucq, R Edelman, T L Richie, R A Seder, S L Hoffman

Author Affiliations

1: U.S. Military Malaria Vaccine Program, Naval Medical Research Center, Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA.

Associated clinical trials:

Clinical Trial of the PfSPZ Vaccine | NCT01001650

Study of Controlled Human Malaria Infections to Evaluate Protection After Intravenous or Intramuscular Administration of PfSPZ Vaccine in Malaria-Naive Adults | NCT02015091

Study of Safety and Effectiveness of Intravenous Immunization With PfSPZ Vaccine in Healthy African Adults | NCT01988636

PfSPZ Vaccine: Dose Optimization With Heterologous Challenge in Healthy Malaria-Naïve Adults | NCT02601716

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