The genetic basis of early T-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

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Published in Nature on January 11, 2012


Jinghui Zhang1, Li Ding, Linda Holmfeldt, Gang Wu, Sue L Heatley, Debbie Payne-Turner, John Easton, Xiang Chen, Jianmin Wang, Michael Rusch, Charles Lu, Shann-Ching Chen, Lei Wei, J Racquel Collins-Underwood, Jing Ma, Kathryn G Roberts, Stanley B Pounds, Anatoly Ulyanov, Jared Becksfort, Pankaj Gupta, Robert Huether, Richard W Kriwacki, Matthew Parker, Daniel J McGoldrick, David Zhao, Daniel Alford, Stephen Espy, Kiran Chand Bobba, Guangchun Song, Deqing Pei, Cheng Cheng, Stefan Roberts, Michael I Barbato, Dario Campana, Elaine Coustan-Smith, Sheila A Shurtleff, Susana C Raimondi, Maria Kleppe, Jan Cools, Kristin A Shimano, Michelle L Hermiston, Sergei Doulatov, Kolja Eppert, Elisa Laurenti, Faiyaz Notta, John E Dick, Giuseppe Basso, Stephen P Hunger, Mignon L Loh, Meenakshi Devidas, Brent Wood, Stuart Winter, Kimberley P Dunsmore, Robert S Fulton, Lucinda L Fulton, Xin Hong, Christopher C Harris, David J Dooling, Kerri Ochoa, Kimberly J Johnson, John C Obenauer, William E Evans, Ching-Hon Pui, Clayton W Naeve, Timothy J Ley, Elaine R Mardis, Richard K Wilson, James R Downing, Charles G Mullighan

Author Affiliations

1: Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, St Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee 38105, USA.

Associated clinical trials:

Therapy for Newly Diagnosed Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia | NCT00137111

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