Advances in personalized targeted treatment of metastatic melanoma and non-invasive tumor monitoring.

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Published in Front Oncol on March 19, 2013


Dragana Klinac1, Elin S Gray, Michael Millward, Mel Ziman

Author Affiliations

1: School of Medical Sciences, Edith Cowan University Perth, WA, Australia.

Associated clinical trials:

A Study of Vemurafenib (RO5185426) in Comparison With Dacarbazine in Previously Untreated Patients With Metastatic Melanoma (BRIM 3) | NCT01006980

A Phase 1 Study of Nivolumab (BMS-936558) in Subjects With Advanced or Recurrent Malignancies (MDX1106-03) | NCT00730639

Dacarbazine and Ipilimumab vs. Dacarbazine With Placebo in Untreated Unresectable Stage III or IV Melanoma | NCT00324155

MDX-010 Antibody, MDX-1379 Melanoma Vaccine, or MDX-010/MDX-1379 Combination Treatment for Patients With Unresectable or Metastatic Melanoma | NCT00094653

Study of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Participants With Progressive Locally Advanced or Metastatic Carcinoma, Melanoma, or Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma (P07990/MK-3475-001/KEYNOTE-001) (KEYNOTE-001) | NCT01295827

Multiple Ascending Dose (MDX1105-01) (Anti-PDL1) | NCT00729664

Investigate Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of GSK2118436 & GSK1120212 | NCT01072175

Study of Nivolumab (BMS-936558) Compared With Dacarbazine in Untreated, Unresectable, or Metastatic Melanoma (CheckMate 066) | NCT01721772

A Study Comparing Trametinib and Dabrafenib Combination Therapy to Dabrafenib Monotherapy in Subjects With BRAF-mutant Melanoma | NCT01584648

Ph I Ipilimumab Vemurafenib Combo in Patients With v-Raf Murine Sarcoma Viral Oncogene Homolog B1 (BRAF) | NCT01400451

Dabrafenib Plus Trametinib vs Vemurafenib Alone in Unresectable or Metastatic BRAF V600E/K Cutaneous Melanoma (COMBI-v) | NCT01597908

A Study of Vemurafenib in Previously Treated Patients With Metastatic Melanoma | NCT00949702

A Study Comparing GSK2118436 to Dacarbazine (DTIC) in Previously Untreated Subjects With BRAF Mutation Positive Advanced (Stage III) or Metastatic (Stage IV) Melanoma | NCT01227889

GSK1120212 vs Chemotherapy in Advanced or Metastatic BRAF V600E/K Mutation-positive Melanoma | NCT01245062

Study to Determine the Effectiveness of GSK1120212 in BRAF Mutation-positive Melanoma Previously Treated With or Without a BRAF Inhibitor | NCT01037127

Vaccine Combining Multiple Class I Peptides and Montanide ISA 51VG With Escalating Doses of Anti-PD-1 Antibody Nivolumab or Ipilimumab With Nivolumab For Patients With Resected Stages IIIC/ IV Melanoma | NCT01176474

A Phase I Study to Investigate the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of GSK2118436 in Subjects With Solid Tumors | NCT00880321

A Study of GSK2118436 in BRAF Mutant Metastatic Melanoma to the Brain (Break MB) | NCT01266967

A Study to Evaluate RAF265, an Oral Drug Administered to Subjects With Locally Advanced or Metastatic Melanoma (CHIR-265-MEL01) | NCT00304525

A Study of the BRAF Inhibitor Dabrafenib in Combination With the MEK Inhibitor Trametinib in the Adjuvant Treatment of High-risk BRAF V600 Mutation-positive Melanoma After Surgical Resection. (COMBI-AD) | NCT01682083

PH 1 Biomarker Study of Nivolumab and Ipilimumab and Nivolumab in Combination With Ipilimumab in Advanced Melanoma (PD-1) | NCT01621490

Concurrent Ipilimumab and Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy (SART) for Oligometastatic But Unresectable Melanoma (SART) | NCT01565837

Selumetinib and Akt Inhibitor MK2206 in Treating Patients With Stage III or Stage IV Melanoma Who Failed Prior Therapy With Vemurafenib or Dabrafenib | NCT01519427

Selumetinib in Cancers With BRAF Mutations | NCT00888134

A Phase II Study of Single Agent MEK162 in Patients With Advanced Melanoma | NCT01320085

Comparison of AZD6244 in Combination With Dacarbazine Versus (vs) Dacarbazine Alone in BRAF Mutation Positive Melanoma Patients | NCT00936221

A Study of GSK2118436 in BRAF Mutant Metastatic Melanoma | NCT01153763

Imatinib Mesylate in Treating Patients With Stage III or Stage IV Melanoma That Cannot Be Removed by Surgery | NCT00470470

MEK162 and RAF265 in Adult Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors Harboring RAS or BRAFV600E Mutations | NCT01352273

Study of Nilotinib in Metastatic Melanoma With KIT Aberrations | NCT01099514

A Combination of Ipilimumab and Fotemustine for Treat Unresectable Locally Advanced or Metastatic Melanoma (NIBIT-M1) | NCT01654692

An Open-Label Phase II Study of the Combination of GSK2118436 and GSK1120212 in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma Which is Refractory or Resistant to BRAF Inhibitor | NCT01619774

RAD001 (Everolimus) and Pasireotide (SOM230) LAR in Patients With Advanced Uveal Melanoma | NCT01252251

Imatinib in Patients With Mucosal or Acral/Lentiginous Melanoma (BUS255) | NCT00424515

Vaccine Therapy for Patients With Stage IV Melanoma | NCT00052156

Sorafenib With Either Temsirolimus or Tipifarnib in Treating Patients With Stage IV Malignant Melanoma That Cannot Be Removed By Surgery | NCT00281957


Riluzole and Sorafenib Tosylate in Treating Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors or Melanoma | NCT01303341

Efficacy of Nilotinib in First or Second Line Treatment of Primary Melanomas Stage III Unresectable Melanomas. (NILOMEL) | NCT01168050

Study Of Zelboraf (Vemurafenib) in Patients With Locally-Advanced, Unresectable, Stage IIIc Or Metastatic Melanoma and Activating Exon 15 BRAF Mutations Other Than V600E | NCT01586195

Treatment With Dasatinib in Patients With Acral Lentiginous, Mucosal, or Chronic Sun-damaged Melanoma | NCT01092728

Phase I and Consecutive Phase II, Two-arm, Randomized Multi-center Trial in Patients With Advanced Melanoma | NCT01614301

Carboplatin, Paclitaxel, and Bevacizumab With or Without Everolimus in Treating Patients With Metastatic Malignant Melanoma | NCT00976573

Sorafenib in Treating Patients With Stage III or Stage IV Melanoma That Cannot Be Removed By Surgery | NCT00119249

Vemurafenib (R05185426) in Poor Performance Status Patients With Unresectable Locally Advanced or Metastatic Melanoma Harboring a V600E/K Mutation | NCT01474551

An Expanded Cohort Trial of Bortezomib and Sorafenib in Advanced Malignant Melanoma | NCT01078961

Study of Circulating Tumor Cells Before and After Treatment in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma | NCT01573494

Temozolomide and Everolimus in Treating Patients With Stage IV Melanoma That Cannot be Removed by Surgery | NCT00521001

Sorafenib and Isolated Limb Infusion of Melphalan in Treating Patients With Stage III Melanoma of the Arm or Leg | NCT00565968

NCT 01072175

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