Meta-analysis of intracranial hemorrhage in acute coronary syndromes: incidence, predictors, and clinical outcomes.

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Published in J Am Heart Assoc on June 18, 2015


Kenneth W Mahaffey1, Rebecca Hager2, Daniel Wojdyla2, Harvey D White3, Paul W Armstrong4, John H Alexander2, Pierluigi Tricoci2, Renato D Lopes2, E Magnus Ohman2, Matthew T Roe2, Robert A Harrington1, Lars Wallentin5

Author Affiliations

1: Department of Medicine, Stanford University, Stanford, CA (K.W.M., R.A.H.).
2: Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, NC (R.H., D.W., J.H.A., P.T., R.D.L., M.O., M.T.R.).
3: Green Lane Cardiovascular Service, Auckland, New Zealand (H.D.W.).
4: Division of Cardiology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (P.W.A.).
5: Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala Clinical Research Center, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden (L.W.).

Associated clinical trials:

A Comparison of Ticagrelor (AZD6140) and Clopidogrel in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome (PLATO) | NCT00391872

A Comparison of Prasugrel and Clopidogrel in Acute Coronary Syndrome Subjects (TRILOGY ACS) | NCT00699998

Trial to Assess the Effects of Vorapaxar (SCH 530348; MK-5348) in Preventing Heart Attack and Stroke in Particpants With Acute Coronary Syndrome (TRA•CER) (Study P04736) | NCT00527943

Phase III Acute Coronary Syndrome (APPRAISE-2) | NCT00831441

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