PubRank highlights the best publications

PubMed® can be hard to search. PubRank makes it easy.

PubRank uses a Markov model to estimate the influence of every paper in PubMed®, based on the signals discovered from the citation structure of the literature itself.

PubWeight™ tells you about influence.

On average, each article has a PubWeight™ of 1. A paper with a PubWeight™ of 2 has twice the influence of the average paper.
A journal with a PubWeight™ of 10,000 has, across all of its published articles, ten thousand times the influence of the average paper.
Similarly, a clinical trial with a PubWeight™ of 300 has, across all of the articles that have cited the trial, three hundred times the influence of the average paper.

Searches are sorted by relevance.

The article with the highest PubWeight™ doesn't always rank highest in a search. This is because the relevance of the article to your search is also taken into account. (If relevance weren't taken into account, the same articles would be at the top of nearly every search.)

PubRank is free to use.

PubMed® is a registered trademark of the National Library of Medicine, which is not affiliated with PubRank and which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse PubRank.