Prevention of diarrhea and pneumonia by zinc supplementation in children in developing countries: pooled analysis of randomized controlled trials. Zinc Investigators' Collaborative Group.

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Published in J Pediatr on December 01, 1999


Z A Bhutta1, R E Black, K H Brown, J M Gardner, S Gore, A Hidayat, F Khatun, R Martorell, N X Ninh, M E Penny, J L Rosado, S K Roy, M Ruel, S Sazawal, A Shankar

Author Affiliations

1: Aga Khan University Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

Associated clinical trials:

Therapeutic Zinc in Infant Bacterial Illness | NCT00347386

Effect of Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation on Growth, Morbidity, and Mortality of HIV Infected Children in Uganda (MMS) | NCT00122941

CHIZAP: Community- and Health Facility-Based Intervention With Zinc as Adjuvant Therapy for Childhood Pneumonia | NCT00148733

Therapeutic Zinc in Childhood Pneumonia | NCT00252304

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